Strat's Forex Trading Education

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Welcome to the land of Strat and his Long Term, Stress Free path to learning Forex trading. This set of documents is intended to be a reference during your education of Strat's methods.

Here you will learn to trade Forex using PASR ( Price Action Support and Resistance ). These methods are not new or unique and we make no claims to inventing Price Action analysis as many others may, which is why the basic methods are posted here for all to see.

PASR is reasonably simple to learn, with only a few high probability set-ups to consider. The hard part is actually putting this knowledge into practice and becoming profitable in its application. This entire website is centred around applying Forex Price Action techniques in a controlled and disciplined manner in order to become a profitable trader. Sounds simple ? - think again.

This documentation must be read in its entirety before posting on the forum where all members are supported by mentors and each other while progressing as Forex traders..

Strat our head trainer is very perceptive and will know straight away if some one is posting on the forum without reading this complete document set. Both this and forum participation / contribution is required of all members as they provide a very valuable resource and experiencing our journey will only enrich yours.

So enjoy the forum while utilizing this Forex training documentation to reference and re-reference points and examples made in the forum, and remember LESS IS MORE…